Eyelash extensions: Yay or nay?

I began my love affair with eyelash extensions a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. But should you consider getting on board with Hollywood's best kept beauty secret too?  Let me break it down for you.

Eyelash extensions? Say what?

Similar to hair extensions, eyelash extensions are false eyelashes applied to your real lash set.  Each extension is glued on individually by a certified lash professional in a time consuming (albeit, relaxing) 1.5 to 2 hour process.  As your natural lashes fall out, the eyelash extensions will fall out too but regular wear and tear like rubbing your eyes will also cause unbinding. 

Your extensions will last about 3-4 weeks before they'll start to look patchy and you'll need to get a refill. 

Is it worth it?  The pros.

Options galore.  Lash extensions range in length and material - you'll usually have the option of acrylic, silk or mink.  I have always opted for 10-12mm mink lashes as they look the most natural and their soft texture makes them easier to work with when I'm applying my eyeliner.

Minimal make-up.  This was the ultimate selling feature for me when deciding on whether I wanted to commit to getting extensions or not.  My natural lashes are blonde so mascara was always a must have beauty product for me but mascara can get clumpy and look unnatural. 

Natural look.  Since not all of us were blessed by the lash gods with voluminous lashes, eyelash extensions provide you with a natural looking alternative to gunky mascara or to the over dramatic look you'll get with strip lashes.  

Is it worth it?  The cons.

Cost.  I won't lie, eyelash extensions are a pricey beauty routine.  My initial mink lash fill cost me $200 and each refill is about $80 a month which will add up quickly, especially if you're trying to stick to a budget.

Upkeep.  Your lash extensions will be a lot of work.  Make-up always needs be removed at the end of the day and you'll have to invest in oil free eye make-up and make-up removers.  Oil will break down the adhesive in your extensions; FYI some of my favourite oil free make-up removers are from Neutrogena and NARS

Lifestyle.  Take into consideration what kind of lifestyle you lead.  If you're an avid swimmer or have a tendency to rub and touch your eyes 24/7 you probably won't be the best candidate for long lasting extensions.

Final verdict

Obviously I'm going to be a little biased here since I'm absolutely in love with my extensions but if you have the budget for it and you're willing to put in the time and effort for upkeep, I say go for it.  Honestly there's no better feeling in the world than rolling out of bed and just throwing on some BB cream and blush in a 2 minute make-up routine and heading out the door.

With that being said, if you're ready to make the commitment be sure you find a lash technician that you trust and is good at what they do.

Enjoy your gorgeous lashes!



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