The 4 Best Concealers

Everyone who knows me knows just how gung-ho I am about BB cream. However, as awesome as BB cream is, its one downside is the lack of coverage so I always recommend using some concealer underneath your foundation or tinted moisturizer to get the most flawless looking skin.

Here are my Top 4 favourite tried-and-true concealers:

I love this product because it's one of the only concealers made light enough for my fair skin. I always couple this product with my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. Now as awesome as this concealer is, its name is misleading - I find it offers lighter coverage (which is fine for me since I don't have problem-prone skin) but if you're looking for something heavier to cover up your acne scarring or excessive redness, this may not be the best choice.

I'd place this concealer in the light-medium coverage category. It's highly blendable and is great for evening out your skin tone and lightening up dark under eye circles. While the bottle is small, you don't need a massive amount of this stuff to get the job done and you can layer it on to get more coverage. I also love that it's liquid (it moisturizes well and won't dry your skin out).

With no creasing and some of the longest-lasting wear out of any of the concealers I've used, NARS has honestly outdone itself. This product is fantastic. It covers the dark circles under my eyes while also brightening and smoothing my complexion. It is a pricier product, but if you can afford it it's really worth it. Trust me. 

My favourite full-coverage concealer is creamy, waterproof and great at hiding blemishes. I wouldn't recommend it as an under eye concealer though as its thicker texture means it can look cakey, especially when applied to the dry area under your eyes. This product is perfect if you suffer from acne scarring and/or patchy, red areas on your face.

Are there any concealers you've used that I've forgotten to give an honourable mention to?



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