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I'm obsessed with Schwarzkopf's göt2b hair care line - I have so many bottles of the stuff strewn all over my bathroom that you'd think I was an addict or something.

Here's why I love göt2b: there are so many products to choose from depending on what you're looking for for your hair, they all smell ah-maz-ing, and this line honestly delivers the cliche-sounding salon quality without the salon price (by the way, that final point has also been continuously endorsed by my very own hairdresser).

My hair is long and an awkward wavy/straight combination. I don't colour my hair but I do consistently use a blow dryer, straightener and curling iron so some problems I struggle with include heat damage, dry hair and split ends.

I've sampled a large range of göt2b products and these are my personal faves:

I'll apply this balm whenever I straighten my hair. It's a great non-greasy heat protector that leaves my hair shiny and keeps the frizzies at bay. The instructions tell you to use it on towel dried hair before flat ironing, but I spray it on my hair when it's dry as well. 

I'm a big fan of Moroccan Oil for my hair but it can get expensive. This is a great alternative and I only need to use a tiny amount each time. Apply this when your hair is damp or dry - simply rub it on the palms of your hands and comb it through with your fingers over the length of your hair while avoiding your roots. And voila! Smooth, soft and manageable hair.

Whenever I skip the air dry and whip out my blow dryer, this is my go-to product for thermal protection and frizz control. I spray this lotion on after I've towel dried my hair, comb it through and blow dry away.

Probably the göt2b product I use the most, I love how this gives your hair an effortlessly sleek and smooth look. If I'm letting my hair air dry, I'll apply this to when my hair is still wet and find that it helps control the wavy texture. This is a great finisher product too for any look as it helps minimize split ends. Oh, and it smells awesome. 

Remember to watch how many products you're putting in your hair at once as the more you apply, the more likely you are to weigh your hair down and lose volume. I would recommend using one (or max two) of these products at a time.

P.S. You can find all göt2b hair care products at your local drugstore. 



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